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You've Been Warned

The Dextra Story

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I'll let you know who I am as soon as I figure it out.

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User Number: 1352251
Date Created:2003-9-26
Number of Posts: 356

Dextra is a strange creature. She is highly cynical, yet extremely open-minded, and stubborn as a mule. Physically she is tall, thick and strong. Emotionally she is chaotic. Mentally she is a 13 year old tomboy, with a penchant for toys, comics and cartoons.
Strengths: Friendly, protective of those she cares about, funny, talented, diligent, intelligent
Weaknesses: Stubborn, cranky, lazy, easily distracted by shiny objects
Special Skills: Writing, art, music, the secret art of redhead sexcraft, sticking it to others before they can stick it to her
Weapons: Knives, combat boots, legs of steel, boobs
Words of Wisdom: Fuck not with a vengeful redhead.

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